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M. Shahrukh Engineering Works (MSEW) came into form in 1994 as a small-scale enterprise for manufacturing Industry essentials and quickly gained prominence among household industry names for our stand-apart work ethic, technical capacity, mechanical expertise, and redefining vision to spread our cost-effective manufacturing across the borders. 

24 inch


MSEW has complete in-house capacity to manufacture customized bellows according to the specified requirement of the clientele. Expansion bellows have numerous applications, mainly in the textile and power sector, to provide effect exhaust solutions to the power generations units. The products of MSEW are cost effective, long-lasting (proven by our two year warranty), and market competitive. 


Another product of MSEW that is manufactured with the eagle eye supervision of the engineers and technicians of MSEW. Our products are guaranteed to be cost effective, up to the  industrial benchmark, reduce heat loss by at least 70% in the power generation, petrochemical, and textile energy generation solutions.


Expansion Bellow Installation

MSEW has, always, taken pride in the efficiency, timeliness, and commitment to deliver the word of mouth. Our promise, whether in case of Installation of intricate industrial needs or delivery the promise of quality of product, is unmatched. 

Exhaust Shield Installation

MSEW has complete in-house competency, not only, to manufacture; but, also flawlessly install the integral components of the ever-important components like exhaust shields in an exhaust system of the power generation system in the petro-chemical, power generation, and textile industry.