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M. Shahrukh Engineering Works (MSEW) started as a small-scale enterprise to provide intricate engineering solutions in cost effective maneuvers that demonstrated top notch expertise of the Engineers, Technicians, and Supervisors. MSEW became a trusted point of sale for the household industries of Pakistan due to our immense dedication and commitment towards the goodwill of the project.

MSEW, for the last 26 years, has been working towards developing cost-effective solutions for the power generation, petro-chemical, and textile industries that conserve energy by preventing heat loss through effective heat exhaust mechanisms leading to sustainable production of power and energy.

MSEW is home to innovation and competency. Our aim is to become the industry leader in provision of intricate industrial solutions for power-gen, and related industries; providing a competent, domestic solution that does not lack in quality and can compete on all fronts with the overpriced alternatives in the market.