Expansion Bellow Installation

MSEW has, always, taken pride in the efficiency, timeliness, and commitment to deliver the word of mouth. Our promise, whether in case of Installation of intricate industrial needs or delivery the promise of quality of product, is unmatched. 

Exhaust Shield Installation

MSEW has complete in-house competency, not only, to manufacture; but, also flawlessly install the integral components of the ever-important components like exhaust shields in an exhaust system of the power generation system in the petro-chemical, power generation, and textile industry.

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Oil Cooler Servicing

MSEW also provides its competency of carry out deep cleaning of Oil Coolers and adjoining any leakages that may be cost the exhaust system to become ineffective. Our in-house team of technicians is completely capable to remove any distortions and repair any damages to extend the working life of the cooler.

Radiator Servicing

The radiator servicing panel at MSEW specializes in all types of radiator projects such as cooling, heating, water heaters, ducts & vents; moreover, our team is more than adept to install radiator in any essential machinery to keep the rising temperatures in check. Furthermore, we can effectively repair or replace any faulty part in a radiator to elongate its working life cycle.

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Wet Manifold Servicing

MSEW is an ambitious entity with a courage to take on tasks that have extremely low margin of error, just like that of wet manifold cleaning and leak repairing, which requires high-level industrial knowledge and years of practical experience to pull off the task successfully.

Alternator Repairing

An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of alternating current. MSEW also promises to effectively replace faulty parts or repair them to suit client’s needs and budget to ease their predicament in a specified period of time.

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Self-starter Repairing

MSEW has the latest technological capacity and human mental knowledge combined with experience to completely repair every major fault of the self-starter motors. Our Services are unmatched in the market; in accordance to our timeliness, pricing, and quality.